Three fun and educational activities are proposed, allowing you to discover the Bassin of Arcachon in a different way, while becoming aware of the environment :

The adventure of Flip-Flap, a small oyster from the Bassin of Arcachon

The adventure of Flip-Flap will take you on the footsteps of oyster farming.
On the program : discovery of oyster tools and oyster predators, followed by a photo rally and a reward to eat. A fun and educational animation for everyone.

Great! It is low tide

It is low tide; the foreshore then becomes the ground of incredible discoveries. Come and explore the natural treasures of the Bassin of Arcachon and observe the «super powers» of the fauna and flora facing the tides.

sea-wrack and marine litter

What is a sea-wrack? What is a marine waste? Discover the treasures of the tide. A treasure hunt where you end up rich… in knowledge!
Rates for groups up to 10 persons : 70 euros for one activity
Rates for groups from 10 persons : 7.5 euros per person for one activity

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